White Horizontal Column Radiator

White Horizontal Column Radiator
SUNRADS Radiator

4 Column Radiator, Central Heating Radiator, Popular Style In UK
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Height  (mm)
Width (mm)
Center Distance (mm)
Расстояние до центра 
Weight (kg)
300 425 225 9 1320 9.9 anthracite

300 605 225 13 1900 13.3
300 830 225 18 2615 18.4
300 1010 225 22 3190 22.5
300 1190 225 26 3762 25.7
300 1460 225 32 4625 31
600 425 525 9 2680 16.9
600 605 525 13 3868 23.88
600 830 525 18 5353 33.7
600 1010 525 22 6548 43.3
600 1190 525 26 7730 49
600 1460 525 32 9500 59.5

Traditional 4 column radiator Horizontal Central Heating Cast Iron Style Rads DP14
Our radiators offer you the best solution that features a traditional design at a low price. They fit easily into your central heating system just like a normal household radiator, meaning no complicated installation. All of our radiators come with a 15 year warranty.
No valves included.
Material: Premium Mild Steel
Model: cast iron radiator
Colour: Anthracite; Gloss White
-  Made from quality steel
- Our unique manufacturing process makes the radiators look elegant, & fit any interior design.
- Can be use on all UK heating systems(tank fed or combi systems etc.),
- Tested under high hydraulic pressure to ensure impermeability.
- All radiators come with manufacturer-leading 15 year guarantee.
- Brackets & fixings are included.

A column radiator is a heating appliance designed to provide warmth to a room. It is made up of vertical columns that are filled with hot water or steam, which radiates heat to the surrounding air. column radiators are becoming more popular in modern homes due to their stylish designs and their ability to efficiently heat a room.
The first horizontal column radiators were introduced in the 19th century, and they were typically made of cast iron. These radiators were effective at heating large spaces, but they were also bulky and unattractive. Over time, the design of column radiators has evolved, and modern models are now available in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials.
One of the benefits of a column radiator is that it can heat a room quickly and efficiently. The columns contain a large surface area, which allows for maximum heat transfer from the hot water or steam. This means that a room can be heated to a comfortable temperature much faster than with other types of heating appliances.
Another advantage of column radiators is that they are often more aesthetically pleasing than other types of heating appliances. They are available in a wide range of styles, from traditional Victorian designs to modern, minimalist styles. This means that they can complement the decor of any room, and can even become a focal point of the room.
column radiators are also versatile in terms of installation. They can be mounted on the wall, or they can be freestanding. This means that they can be used in a variety of spaces, including large living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and even bathrooms.
One of the most important considerations when choosing a column radiator is the material that it is made of. cast iron radiators are still popular and have a traditional look, but they are heavy and can be difficult to install. Aluminium column radiators are lightweight and easy to install, but they do not hold heat as well as cast iron. Steel column radiators are also lightweight and easy to install, and they have a modern look that can complement contemporary decor.
In conclusion, a column radiator is an effective and stylish way to heat a room. They are available in a range of styles and materials, and they can be installed in a variety of spaces. If you are considering a column radiator for your home, be sure to choose one that suits your decor and heating needs. With proper installation and maintenance, a column radiator can provide efficient and comfortable heating for many years to come.

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