Vertical Column Radiator

Vertical Column Radiator
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Height  (mm)
Width (mm)
Center Distance (mm)
Расстояние до центра 
Weight (kg)
1500 425 1425 4 2907 18.3 anthracite

1500 605 1425 6 4361 27.4
1500 830 1425 8 5805 36.6
1500 1010 1425 10 7238 45.5
1500 1190 1425 12 8678 54.8
1800 1460 1725 4 3426 22.7
1800 425 1725 6 5138 32.7
1800 605 1725 8 6851 42.6
1800 830 1725 10 8564 52
1800 1010 1725 12 10265 57.4

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When it comes to radiator materials, steel stands out as a cost-effective option without compromising on style and performance. Not only does steel offer an extensive range of colors and designs, but its malleability also contributes to the efficient functioning of radiators. Unlike the misconception that radiators merely store heat, their primary purpose is to transfer heat from the water inside to the surrounding space, and steel's malleability allows for optimal heat conduction. Moreover, the widespread use of steel as a radiator material is a testament to its exceptional heat output capabilities.
Durability is a crucial factor to consider when choosing radiators, as they are prone to occasional knocks and bumps over time. Fortunately, steel is highly durable, making it an ideal choice for long-lasting radiators that can withstand such incidents.
column radiators: A Blend of Style and Structure
The term "column" in radiator nomenclature refers to its style, but when combined with a number such as "2 Column," it describes the radiator's structure. column radiators consist of vertical tubes that are interconnected at the top and bottom, and the number indicates the quantity of vertical tubes in each section. For instance, a 2 column radiator features two vertical tubes, while a 3 column radiator has three, and so on. Slim and elegant, the 2 column radiator is the thinnest among column radiators available in the market. Although its heat output may be lower compared to larger variants like 3, 4, or 6 columns, 2 column radiators are particularly suited for warming up smaller rooms, showcasing their design versatility.
Color Options to Match Your Interior Design
white radiators have stood the test of time as a classic choice. Opting for a white radiator allows you the freedom to experiment with different décor styles, as it seamlessly blends with any color scheme. The glossy powder-coated finish of white radiators not only offers a sleek appearance but also ensures easy maintenance with a simple wipe of a cloth. While white may sometimes be perceived as safe or unexciting, in reality, it imparts a clean and fresh impression to your home. Additionally, you can add a splash of color to your radiator through a wide range of radiator valves and accessories, providing a subtle yet impactful accent to your space.
Compatible Heat Source for Your Needs
A central heating or hot water radiator is designed to be integrated into your home's central heating system. Regardless of whether you have a combi boiler, a gravity-fed (conventional) system, or a system with a cylinder, this radiator can be seamlessly installed to enhance your heating setup.
Essential Accessories for Installation
The radiator features G1/2" connections at the bottom on either side, and the type of valves required depends on your pipework. Here are the recommended valve options based on different pipework configurations:
For pipework coming from the wall to the side of the radiator, use corner valves.
For pipework coming from the floor and up to the side of the radiator, use Angled valves.
For pipework running along the wall to meet the side of the radiator, use straight valves.
The radiator comes with wall mounting brackets, eliminating the necessity for column radiator feet. However, if you desire a more pronounced traditional style, it is recommended to purchase color-matching feet. These feet can be used in conjunction with the wall brackets to provide additional support for the radiator. Alternatively, you can forego the wall brackets and opt for wall stays, available in matching or contrasting colors, to add an aesthetic touch to your installation.
Valve Options: Manual or Thermostatic
There are different types of valves to consider for your radiator. Manual valves offer straightforward on/off control, allowing you to regulate the
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